Top Dentists in Parma OH

You’ve just moved to Cleveland area and you don’t know a soul, you know I have the task of finding new providers such as the new primary care physician, the dentist, and even a hairdresser. How do you find the perfect dentist in your area? The one thing we really want to do is get a recommendation from a friend, but what if that’s not available? Here’s how you find the top dentist in the Parma Ohio area.

Search online
You can search available online directory is such as yelp for an area dentist. Many of the sites also let customers leave reviews and this can provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction.

You can also search your insurance company’s website to glean information on which school you’re dentists attended. This will help you narrow down a list of dentists.

Top dentists in Parma

#1 Ridge Road Family Dentistry

ridgeroad geotagged

Beyond a doubt, Dr. Ghiba and colleagues are the best dentists in Parma Ohio. You can find their Yelp here. Their address is:

5752 Ridge Rd
Parma OH 44129

Or you can find them here:

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When Business and Science of Sleep Collide

In a failing economy, the business of sleep continues to grow. This is one area of the economy that has not slowed down. One reason is at sleep problems are so pervasive in our population. With revenues in The billions, it’s worth it to discuss how the science and business asleep have collided.

Medical devices
Medical devices include CPAP machines to treat sleep apnea, which provide continuous airway pressure. There’s also a wide range of devices for the mouth to help reduce and even prevent snoring. Zyppah is one of these anti-snoring devices. You can see one of the Zyppah reviews or if you wonder “where can I buy Zyppah” look no further.

Other devices
Other devices include pillows sleeping bags and much more to help people get better sleep. They even market special pet beds to help your dog sleep! Needless to say, this area of business is rapidly growing.


Every week there seems to be a new sleeping pill on the market, both over the counter and prescription. However, many of these pills are for short-term use only and should not be considered in the case of chronic insomnia.

Click here to learn more about how to get better sleep or you can read about sleep disorders here.

Citations for Business Online Marketing

Business CitationsWhen a website talks about your business name and address, this is known as a citation. It’s for Tatian might be a directory listing, such as the Yellow Pages or You can find on your local Chamber of Commerce page as well. Locations are a part of the Google and other search engines’ algorithm. It is very important to not only focused on your website, but also citations┬áto help you rank in the big search engines. This can be useful in terms of SEO. Citations can also be useful in helping people find her business. It is not uncommon for folks to search for example when looking for a local business.

How do you get citations?
You can get citation I looking at data aggregator. You could also look at common website such as yelp, foursquare, and manta. Google blog for all the great places as well as local directory. You can take a look at your competition and see which directory there lifted and simply copy off of them. Click here to see what a citation looks like.

I hope you find this information helpful and motivating to get to work on your business citations!


DIY SEOAbout five months ago I began to explore the world of search engine optimization (or SEO for short). I was very interested in this topic after viewing a webinar about affiliate marketing. I was a specially pleased to learn that this form of marketing could really help my online business and potentially the businesses of everyone else I knew. I thought how hard can it be to do SEO? I decided to give it a try on my own and this is what my journey was like.

Here’s on of the videos I found helpful:

Private blog networks

The first thing I did was start to look for private blog network’s. Apparently you want to create a bunch of sites that link to your sites, which in turn gives it more power in search engines eyes. I began searching the web for expired domains however, this proves to be a very tedious task. My first private blog network was very weak. I had no idea that I had to look at the various metrics of each website before purchasing. For example, you need high domain authority and page authority as well as high trust flow. I don’t know what these metrics Matt, so I made the mistake of buying domains that didn’t have a lot of power. I wasted a lot of money doing this and in linking from these websites I didn’t do my sites much of a service.

Anchor textDIY SEO (1)

The next thing I did was start leaking out from a private blog network to my main website. However, my rankings in google did not go up as a result. In some instances, my rankings actually went down. I learned later on that I did not have the right anchor text going to my website. Click here to learn more about anchor text.

Other things I learned were that I had to have my website worded a certain way for Google to rank it. I didn’t know this and thus it hindered my rankings.

Overall my initial encounter with SEO was a bit of a failure, but also a learning experience. I learned that it really takes an expert that can devote their full-time to this type of marketing to get the results that you need. I recommend to everyone that they either hire an expert or, if they want to do this type of marketing themselves, that they go into a very well-known training program and devote time to this.

Click here to learn more about SEO for small business.